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January 29, 2009


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Wow, Interesting & innovative. I've got "Rubbermade" troughs. Don't think they really are rubber, plastic I'm sure. Actually, I do have two 35 gal rubber troughs that I've used in the pasture during the summer and I've used as feeders too.


That's really clever. The only other use I've heard of for old tires is as compost bins - cut the beading off of several, stack them 3-4 high and secure them, and fill them with compost.

Sure was a different world you lived in there. My previous trough was a 3' wide, 2' deep white plastic tub. A friend scavenged it from his work. All I had to do was scrub it out thoroughly and roll it into the paddock. I'm willing to bet there weren't any meter-wide clean plastic bins free for the taking in Transylvania!

White Horse Pilgrim

Callie: Danielle says that I am a tight-ass. She's right. And it's a good thing in a recession!

Funder: A composter is a good use too. There were no free plastic bins in Transylvania. People were good at scavenging - but, alas, also good at throwing anything truly useless to them straight into the nearest watercourse!


very inventive! i'm probably too lazy, and we luckily have automatic waterers now, so i'm a bit spoiled at the moment too. but it's good to know if i ever find myself in a pinch... :-)


thanks for the illustration of what you meant: )

besides the all-popular bathtub as trough, people here use these rectangular planters for water troughs. i think those are a great alternative, cuz they are black, plastic, easy to clean, and the perfect size for 1 or 2 horses.

i'm excited about such details, but right now i'm consumed with fencing issues: ) it's amazing to me that here in germany, metal t posts cost more than wooden posts. ok, that's great, cuz wood looks better. i just hope the ground is as soft as they say it is...


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