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March 13, 2009


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It depends on the horse, but I think that most horses would go ok on road barefoot. The only surface that I think is hard on a barefoot horse is gravel, and then hoof boots can be useful. Of course there could be other factors and every horse is different.


Yeah, I really don't understand why people want to shoe horses for work on blacktop. Or for work on soft ground, like an arena or a field. Sigh.

Quietly showing that your horses are doing just fine without shoes, and encouraging curious people to consider it, is probably your best bet in that situation.

White Horse Pilgrim

Nick: we are so lucky here with good surfaces for riding. We have miles of turf, and most of the rest is asphalt.

Funder: it is habit, plus the farriers say that horses "must" be shod. Of course, because that way they can charge more. Anyway, most riders want riding on demand, so having to transition a horse to barefoot just isn't acceptable. It's the rider's pleasure that matters more than the horse's welfare.

Still, I hope that the good results with Doru will be noticed.

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