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May 28, 2009


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That will be a big help! Are you required to have a trailer license plate? We're not. They're missing an opportunity to charge us a fee and tax. Wonder how that happened?


The springs look very nice!

Is your "number plate" what we call a license plate? Does this mean you are driving around with a handwritten license plate?! How can that be legal??

White Horse Pilgrim

Anne: the trailer is supposed to carry the same license place as the vehicle towing it. I am suprised that no-one has found a way to charge an extra fee. Usually they miss no opportunity.

Funder: it's a regular license plate, which is nationally issued over here. I think that strictly a hand-made plate on a trailer is illegal, however the police seem to ignore this if one sticks to local roads. Probably because the court would view a case of a home-made trailer license plate as a waste of time unless other offences were committed too. (Plus, people with horses are "posh", whilst the police prefer to harass the "lower classes".)

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