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August 30, 2009


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I think this definitely is a huge story to tell in 10 installments. Probably twice as many installments! :)

White Horse Pilgrim

Well already I am wondering about recasting it with a new sub-plot or two and twice as many instalments. Or some kind of sequel? I think that I shall need to revisit that world that lies beneath the prosaic reality of today's Downland.


I've got some thoughts if you are going to do a re-write, but a work of fiction is a child - closer then blood as it is entirely you're own, so will not butt in if not welcome. Truly, if you would rather not that is okay.

White Horse Pilgrim

I'm interested to receive your thoughts. Writing is a personal thing, however many successful writers have benefited from a trusted person reading their work and making suggestions.

Meanwhile I need to sit down and finish this story - most of the material is there in my head, but needs a little ordering and sifting. Maybe I need to go and ride to clear my head? I'm off work today and tomorrow, which is a pleasant change to the usual grind.

It will be nice to have a quiet office to work in again - perhaps at the weekend when work on the house will have finished?

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