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August 02, 2009


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What I've learned about moves is to get all my stuff out, except for essentials, even before I tell the BO when I'm leaving. When the horse goes, all goes, and I never look back. These BO's always take it personal and can sometimes get vicious.

Doru on his turnout LOL! :) Yes, he seems to think he is a King Among Horses.


I am glad to hear that you found a new place for Doru; I hope that the people there are better and the barn owner a real professional. May the future times be happy for all of you.

White Horse Pilgrim

We moved stuff out really quickly, but they are always hovering and turned up quickly enough. Threatened to contact the place we were moving to, etc, but all BS as they have a bad reputation all of their own. Seems that is why the farrier walks all over them - they have made enemies of the others - and this one comes 40 miles when there are several within a stone's throw. Anyway, they won't figure out where we've gone from the tale that I've told. (Perhaps my stories do tend to have that effect on people?)

At the new barn, I dicovered that some boarders and their horses at the old place have such reputations locally that no other place will take them.

Doru is a bit self-important. Reminds me of the stallion in "The Horse and His Boy", an allegory that every horse should read if only they could!


Must be quite interesting how some boarders and horses can have such bad reputation that the can't but stick to the old place.... is it because of their personality maybe? ... or having totally untrained and dangerous horses ?
I hope that here people will not pick on you for having Doru bare-feet ... maybe you could even find others sharing your point of view, who knows ? :)

White Horse Pilgrim

Dragos: thank you for your kind wishes. The new barn does have a professional manager and the people keeping horses there are more experienced as well as more friendly. There are other barefoot horses, and at least one owner is an equine alternative health practitioner.

The difficult owners tend to be divisive and gossiping people, not usually experienced with horses, for whom intriguing against others fills some gap in their lives or allows them to pander to a weakness in character. Often they are jealous of those with experience. It is common that their horses are ill trained and badly disciplined, indeed sometimes they are indulged like spoiled children.


I am really glad you moved... if the "fiction" entry is much like real life at that former barn, it sounds like an absolute hell-hole. Not surprised that they seem to suck like-minded people into boarding there.

Now how is Doru handling this change in his life? Has he found some sweet mares to neigh too over the fence? Is he enjoying his new horizons?

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: the fiction entry is not so far from the truth. Except that I might have taken a shotgun to the radio! There were some really negative gossiping b**ches there, and a stupid thoughtless manager with a horrible screeching voice. Even some more civilised people there (the ones with horses that no-one else would take) did dumb things, like the lady who would go into the box with her flighty warmblood whilst wearing high heels.

Doru likes his new home, though not coming in to be fed did rather throw him for a bit - offended his sense of self importance mainly I think. He has touched noses with the surrounding geldings, but is ignoring the mares for now. It's better that way. The people are so pleasant in comparison, and the facilties are much nicer. Like a seating area, a kitchen, and a WC. (At the old place one had to pee in the box or hold it in.)

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