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August 10, 2009


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Hmm, I never saw the carriages anywhere, perhaps they were somewhere in the Turda COMPOUND? Who knows.... this and the last post brought back rather sweet memories. I would say, overall, that my total experience definitely opened my eyes to the harsh realities of what was going on in the countryside- "prole drift" if you will. It is sort of bizarre what people chose to spend money on and what they wouldn't- investments in better farm equipment or animal care or something, no; a TV, cable, internet: absolutely; plastic implements and blinky cell phones: yes. Fewer people keeping cows or pigs ...also a strange investment choice. Who knows, I got to come back to my suburban American life at the end of the experience, so I guess the choices I think ought to have been made don't count for much, but it is sad when hand carving and horsemanship and embroidery and cheese making and weaving are traded in for youtube and ringtones...

White Horse Pilgrim

Laura: well, I wonder what happened to a lot of that gear, though really it's only the horses that I care aout.

There is a 1930's book called "Romanian Furrow" (you'll find it on Amazon) that describes the peasants' absolute fascination with shiny baubles, as well as the prejudice and hypocricy of the urban Roms. It's very sad that money was thrown away on trivia whilst nothing went into farming or forestry. Quite a contrast to rural Austria, I guess. They will pay the true price in the end via poverty and hopelessness.

The doctor's wife told me how, not many years ago, every family had cows and chickens. The women looked after them. By the time that I left, few families had cows or chickens. The women watched TV soaps all day, and wound up big credit bills at the shops. The men worked in the forest, didn't get paid half the time, and got drunk in the evenings. Society in collapse, amongst the younger poeople anyway - the older people knew how to work all right.

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