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August 09, 2009


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It's so beautiful there!


I think you have gone through The Looking Glass but I'm not sure which side you are on. It takes a while to come back from other lands...

White Horse Pilgrim

Mikey: it was beautiful - a pity that one couldn't make ends meet though.

Becky - yes, through a looking glass, that is a concept that I am exploring. The other side looks pristine - but, once there, one spts the faults. Then the other side seems safe by comparison. But, returning there, it seems boring. So one dreams of the other. Going back and forth, the passage becomes easier, the other side is found in more places. Life is simpler - and harder. One becomes an exile in all real places.


The return of the hero from his quest, bearing the new wisdom and wondrous gifts back to his old life, it the hardest task of all. Many are the seekers who, failing this final challenge, remain forever on the other side and the world is poorer without the grace they could have brought us. By returning to us with your tales, you enrich us, but perhaps at the cost of never feeling quite at home here again.

White Horse Pilgrim

Miles: a nice commment, thank you. I can recall a few who remained on the far side, and it is devouring them. There is a time to journey, and a time to return. As for returning, perhaps I don't feel quite at home here anymore, yet nor does this world daunt me as once it did.

Anyway, I am glad that you and others enjoy my tales.

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