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September 11, 2009


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Pilgrim loved to see your enthusiasm and excitement... work is such a huge part of our life that it is best to find happiness in what we do.

White Horse Pilgrim

tHose were two very intensive days, after which I wanted nothing more than a weekend when I could sleep enough to recharge. In fact we ended up making a trip for a party followed by a whole day riding, so I am nearly as sleep deprived now as I was a few days ago. Well we just have to get through two weeks until we go on holiday.

I did learn in the training to listen for the inner voice that distracts and which can eat away at morale. That is an important realisation, not least because I have a noisy and frequent inner voice.

I've realised that this will be a difficult walk, since I am looking for something harder to find and less tangible than that which most people seek. This is a fate, a doom which I seem unable to avoid. I am still trying to comprehend this.


Just my experience, but once you start down such a path, suddenly you find like-minded people and it's not as lonely as it appears at first. It's just that many don't aim towards spiritual awareness - it's very hard as you are discovering.

White Horse Pilgrim

Hard it is, but it is the rocky road that leads to enlightenment. I am very glad for those spiritual souls who walk with me - you included - thank you.

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