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February 13, 2010


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When we reach a certain age, especially if we have had many animal friends, it is hard not to look back and count their deaths as a measure of time passing. Their lives are so short, compared to ours, and our friends move on to the next step of our evolution so much faster then we do.

I do not have the answers... I have come to more of a peace though of those that I have lost, and appreciating the animals that are with me more, knowing though that I am just a stepping stone.


White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: their deaths are a measure of time passing. But I feel especially the sadness of those who died relatively young. Not all deaths were necessary, and some came about through accidents and tragedies. I hope that they have moved on to a better place, for I miss them keenly and wish that all is well for them. It seems as if, whenever people become involved with animals, some creatures prosper and others do not. I find that I blame myself for the latter, even where perhaps I could have done little to help them.


Julian for some time we owned hamsters. Just when I wanted out of it, my kids found 3 hamsters left in a cage at the park (rescues) and we continued. Their short little life spans though proof how precious our time is.

White Horse Pilgrim

I guess that you are right about their lives punctuating ours. Two of my cats are around ten years old now, and we take great care of them. Back in Transylvania, life seemed more transitory: horses were injured, cats disappeared. It wasn't through negligence - simply the environment was harsher. Now I am in a position to take greater care, and each setback seems worse. Yes and, as you say, time is precious. How it slips through my fingers.


I have thought about posting more about the death of my horse "Dear One" because it taught me a lot on what I could not change - as well as giving me a smaller dosage of what I will deal with if Miles pre-deceases me. However, I have not felt up to exploring that at this time.

I've lost a lot of kitties through the years. Unfortunately the week I was going to leave the Hell Job and had the promise to take Barn Kitty with me (who had slept in my office) he disappeared, probably swept away by flood waters. :(

White Horse Pilgrim

I suppose that never did I have time to reflect adequately upon death where I lived before. Life was too much geared merely around survival. There wasn't time to grieve.

I am almost ten years older than Danielle, and I worry about what will happen if I pre-decease her. It seems very likely that I shall, which is not a nice thought. I don't like the idea of her being alone for long years, and I am concerned that she will have enough money to get by adequately.

I am sorry about Barn Kitty. It is so sad for him to be swept away. I had to rehome nine cats when I moved back here. Someone took seven of them, but that was the woman whose negligence allowed four horses to be stolen, so I wonder what became of all those animals?

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