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February 28, 2010


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Sometimes when I practice archery and miss the target the arrow goes so far in the ground it can be hard to find. It seems like practicing from a horse would make this even harder. Maybe you can get someone to retrieve the arrows for you so you don't have to do a lot of getting on and off.


I know that the arrows can be driven in with such force into the ground that it is hard to see them with the natural turf cover. Also, at the practice field, there is a metal curtain that hangs behing the target butts, that stops the arrows from going further. Perhaps you could rig up something similar (just a rope tied to two trees, and a canvas curtain to be behind your target)?

White Horse Pilgrim

Actually that is a very good point - the risk of losing arrows in the turf. I've seen pictures of an old carpet hung on a rope behind a target, and that kind of thing would help. Recruiting an assistant will help too. So many horse training books refer to that "assistant".


LOL! Yes I've had assistants - horse crazy girls that are more trouble then they are worth. Nowadays I prefer a Horse Hubby.

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