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April 30, 2010


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I'm not sure whether I should be glad or not that this kind of paranoia has passed here in the U.S.

White Horse Pilgrim

It's not as if they've apprehended any wannabe terrorists with lots of drum in their shed. Seems more like budgets are under threat so it's time to scaremonger.


Hm I understand the frustration from the honest citizen about undue paranoia, but the world has changed. We can no longer just shrug and go none of my business.

A couple of personal incidents. When I was in college, one mile from my house, a building EXPLODED because the morons had been storing paint, chemicals and who knows what in the building. It finally deteriorated enough that harmful compounds mixed. It left a hole in the ground and toxic chemicals soaked into the ground. Not terrorism but sheer "handyman" stupidity.

I lived in Oklahoma City when the Murrah building was destroyed due to terrorism. I heard the explosion 20 miles away; my husband heard the explosion 40 miles away. My mother, only because my father had died and she had switched jobs, was no longer working there. 19 children dead among others.

Yes I wish someone had been a bit paranoid about a car parked where it shouldn't have been. Instead, everyone went along their busy day...

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: I can't comment for the US but over here, when a terrorist plot is stopped, it is old-fashioned police and intelligence work that does the trick (albeit using new technology). Looking at flight manifests to see who flew to the Sudan when Al Quaida was active there, recruiting informers amongst the moslem communities, that kind of thing. All the idiotic investigation of tourists and train spotters hasn't yielded a single lead, it has just created suspicion amongst the mass of law-abiding citizens that the forces of law and order are ignorant thugs.

We have laws too that mean that only bone fide farmers can buy weedkiller in large quantities and so on. That kind of thing is a "restriction on freedom" but it tends to keep the idiots in check.

I've only come across one person who made a bomb using sugar and weedkiller. He was a former Israeli soldier who, on reflection, was suffering from post-traumatic stress. (Not surprisingly having heard of how his colleagues butchered Palestinians.) The bomb was intended to create a new and deeper rubbish pit at the local youth hostel, showered the building with dirt, and was on reflection a real redneck moment. Shrotly afterwards the perpetrator disappeared, and hasn't been seen since.

As you say, a call to law enforcement can be quite a good thing when one sees signs of obvious stupidity.

But it's a bit late when a McVeigh type has already parked his truck with fuse lit. Best to stop that sort a lot earlier.

It's also a bit dumb to fool the populace into thinking that anyone with a load of drums in their yard may be a "terrorist". Next thing the whining vindictive old bat next door will be reporting me for a collection of dustbins that I store stuff in. (Horse feed.) Or that I have weapons. (Archery stuff.) Or that, having poked holes in the fence (which the b*tch has done in order to spy) I really am some kind of closet Arab (rather than wander around naked when it's hot I have been known to wear an Egyptian robe, which is cool and comfortable).

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