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May 18, 2010


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AMAZING!! that is so incredible... and I know exactly what you are writing about.

Is Larynn the person you were meeting that you had written to me about??

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky - how wonderful that you understand. I am so excited about this journey, and that there are fellow travellers.

I did mention that I would be meeting Larynn, who is a special and insightful friend much valued and respected. (L: I hope that you don't mind me writing about you.)


J this is why I follow Taoism. When you do what is inherently the correct thing (i.e. follow the right path), effort becomes easy. You are trusting your sense of where you want the arrrow to go, and as you rely more upon what you KNOW and FEEL is right, effort becomes effortless.

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky - that is interesting. I do not know why the intuitive way seems better, but I sense that it is, spiritually speaking. A scientific method of aim may be more accurate, but that isn't enlightening in the same way as using the inner senses and feelings. I like the concept of effort becoming effortless. Then a wholeness is possible, at last.

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