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May 31, 2010


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i was wondering what those white "roads" were in your last post.

your white horse is very very cool. i would love to walk it someday.

i had a similar experience in 2005. before i'd ever been to europe, i heard of this citadel in west germany. i planned my trip to include seeing it. it is roman built and as seen from above, lovely. but when i arrived, i did not expect it to be like that.

it was just a big huge brick wall from the perspective of the ground. it took me 45 minutes to walk around it, and i never could really appreciate the shape from that angle. i did go inside though, and take a peek at the buildings and people inside. i took a photo of a sign i kept encountering on my walk and later someone told me it means "do not walk around the citadel - falling bricks are dangerous."

i remember i was listening to "king's cross" by pet shop boys on my ipod, a special memory.

here's a pic of it:

i had a pic of it on my cubicle wall. we don't have stuff like this in america.



J-Thank yo for posting about the White Horse... I would love tosee it in person one day as it's symbology touches me deep inside.

White Horse Pilgrim

Lytha: that is interesting, though for some reason I cannot access your photo album. Walking around old places is fascinating, and one just wonders about the many things that happened there. If only the earth could talk.

Becky: I hope that one day I can show you this place. The White Horse is a very symbolic place, and especially so if one can avoid the crowds. It's big enough to find on Google Earth - look south of Uffington village.

Joanne Filkins


Lytha's link didn't work for me either when I clicked on it, but when I copied it into my browser it did. Looks like an interesting place.

White Horse Pilgrim

Joanne: thank you for that tip, which worked. Yes, a curious and rather typical late medieval citadel with strong bastions which post-dates the classical castle form. It must be a reconstruction on a Roman site. I walked around a similar fortress in Italy last Autumn - a fascinating experience.

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