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May 01, 2010


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I'd have trouble shooting standing on the ground so I have nothing but admiration for your work at doing this on horseback.


lander discovered the Gie├čkanne (watering can) and ever since, it is his preferred source of water. but yesterday i walked into the kitchen and he had knocked it over. exactly half of our kitchen floor was covered in water, and he was in the middle like, "drinking water malfunction."

i had to use 5 big towels to mop it up. now i'm not sure if i should continue keeping our Gie├čkanne there, or try to find a safe place for it. or, has he learned his lesson and that will never, ever happen again? i'm too inexperienced with cats to know.

lucky looks like mercer!


White Horse Pilgrim

RR: I nneed time yet. There still is water to flow under this bridge.

Lytha: I tend to take the precaution of leaving the can empty. If a cat can knock something over then sooner or later he will. Usually sooner. Ours are provided with various simple toys too - ball, a fluffy mouse, and (Lucky's favourite) pencils. (He carries and hides the pencils rather than becoming a feline proto-artist.)


Awww, Lucky is so adorable. I miss my fur babies... and my hubby! Am at my brother's house for this evening and tomorrow, so have actual access to the internet! GASP!

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