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June 24, 2010


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Every nation and people has its shame, something done in the past which they know was wrong. There are very few people living today who do not live as they live because of some cruelty in the past, some people displaced or erased. This does not make it right - but it leaves us all with the question of how (or whether) we will admit this and deal with it. Some people choose to acknowlege the past and attempt to reconcile with the survivors and honor the fallen, while other people choose to deny the past or demonize the victims.

White Horse Pilgrim

Miles: It's true enough that almost every nation has some skeleton or other in its cupboard. Some have argued that Western Europe is over-conscious of this and cannot let go of issues that it has recognised and repented of. Eastern Europe is another matter altogether. In the end one cannot turn teh clock back nor recompense those long dead. I think that the answer is to show that we have learned by building a fairer society that is free from prejudice (and one could spend some time discussing what that might entail). Over here I wonder whether our leaders have learnt very much at all, even as people in general seem more reasonable than even a decade ago.

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