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June 18, 2010


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I love these summer riding pictures. Welcome back!


i really really hope we can visit this summer. money is very tight right now so it seems impossible, but i have to see your land!!!!



I bought an ebook on horse herb information from Australia and my bank refused to honor the debit! The guy thought I was trying to rip him off, so after much discussion it was discovered my bank won't authorize oversears transactions without a phone call.

It's also why I can't order online with Hilton Herbs because the funds are drawn off the Bank of Scotland. Veryu frustrating!

I guess with all the weird Internet scams the banks are just sick of it so have gone to the other extreme of protecting "us."

White Horse Pilgrim

Funder: It is good to be back. I like your photos too, so it's nice to exchange images.

Lytha: You're welcome here whenever you can make it. I hope that the necessary good fortune descends upon you.

Becky: HSBC has been phoning me each month about a $10 subscription for my blog! It's an idiotic situation. When I ran a travel firm the restrictions, whether legal or made up by the banks, were ridiculous. Like: "everyone is a potential terrorist or smuggler". The result was that people bought their holidays through an agent and paid 20-30% more.


Well you know it's those $10 increments on how terrorists fund their "business." Rolls eyes... that wouldn't buy enough fertilizer to put on my lawn let alone make a bomb with . Oh Brother.

White Horse Pilgrim

Yes, and the really cunning bit is that the "terrorists" run a blog empire in San Francisco as a cover.

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