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November 12, 2010


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Wow, she is SO drafty!

Dixie's feet are just over 12 cm wide and long - maybe 12.3 wide and 12.7 long? And lordy mercy does she look like she has huge clunkers next to an Arab. 17 cm long is IMPRESSIVE.


great news Julian! Im going to try and get our remaining horses barefoot now, have found a barefoot trimmer at Montaione (next town), which should also help with the dramas of getting Dali shod. I always wanted to keep him barefoot as he had lived 7 years semi wild without ever seeing a hoof pick let alone shoes... so now will try and get him back to that condition.
Brenas farrier for the last year (since we moved) was very good compared to the average Italian hoof specialist. He was tried many different things with her feet, which the last guy was always too lazy to attempt, but even he said she would probably go better barefoot... so good luck :)

She can be a rascal with shoeing, I often would laugh at Paolo cursing at her for leaning on him while he was trimming etc...and shes no lightweight either :)

Very very happy alls going well, I will forward your blog to Jana so that she can pass it on to Brenas former owner (who wont understand a word, but will like the pics anyhow).

Give her a big cuddle for me... theres a brena size whole in the stables without her!!


She looks great! I think you found a really nice horse. Can't wait to read more about your rides.

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