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November 14, 2010


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I'm so glad that you and Brena are working out. How exciting!


Hi Julian, Had to check in with you. As you've seen, I've been a bit out of touch but when you mentioned your new horse, wanted to make sure Doru was still with you and well.
And I loved your "rant" regarding fear and integrity. However, I can tell from looking about this country, a recession won't make people think. Seems like it just makes us more fearful and possibly even less honorable. What will it take? Glad to be back in touch with you...

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: yes, she's making me ride properly and generally keeping me on my toes.

Gin: if you had $5 for every time that I'd looked at your blog hoping for news.....anyway you're back now. Doru seems like a very happy horse in retirement.

I wonder what it will take to bring about a rise in integrity? What is the modern equivalent of the Mongol horde on the horizon? I have a sense that where a threat sparks anger or simple fear or loss then righteousness won't follow. Where a people isn't 'in it together' envy will corrode what remains of society. I have a stromg feeling that here in Britain government has made an unwritten pact with the better off that they will let the poor sink 'as there isn't enough left for us all to live comfortably'. That sounds Machiavellian - but even he had a sense of honour.

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