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December 21, 2010


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Cool! Is that something you now own or did the barn pay for it? Did Brena hope right in or like the contrary horses they are ignore it? :D

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: I own the field shelter. The barn manager hasn't the funds to provide shelters hence several of the owners have bought their own.

Brena hasn't encountered the shelter yet. Because of the snow several horses haven't left so a reshuffle between fields hasn't happened and Brena isn't in the same field as the shelter. She was supposed to move yesterday. Clearly the truck delivering the shelter made it here so the owner of the horses due to leave basically is being over-cautious about transport. It's annoying.

I think that if I feed Brena in the shelter then soon enough she will become familiar with it. I'll put her salt lick in there too.


That's totally awesome. Can't have one of those here - the gentle breezes would blow it, or at least part of it, to the neighbor's yard. Try not to worry if she won't use it (says the person who routinely curses her horse for not using her shelter).

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