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January 31, 2011


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wow that looks like baasha's right front foot (minus the winter toe crack).

and you have some serious mud - you inspired my dirty horse post "today". but now, too frozen to even find a speck of loose dirt out there, it's a solid undulating mass. but my feet are clean and baasha too. his tail froze yesterday, i've never seen that before.

i think things where you live are more expensive than here. but the london airport welcomed me right to my favorite restaurant again, that hip fast food place called giraffe. (i had pot stickers and a wonderful asian salad - you are so lucky to have "daring" food. why are germans so insistent upon bland?)

i hope i didn't tell you the following anecdote already: i sat down at giraffe, and when the waitress appeared, i couldn't speak english. my brain was in "stranger-->german" mode so i strugged and finally said ""

so slowly and drawn out the waitress was staring at me. and did not understand, cuz of my accent. then i didn't understand her. oh geez! it took me a while to be able to feel comfortable speaking english in that airport (and i spent way, way too long there both ways). i am more familiar with heathrow than seattle's airport, cuz i never have hours to kill in seattle. when i arrived in america i reached into my purse and realized i had *4* types of currency! england's, germany's, america's, and canada's!

i also had the "pleasure" of having an intimate physical inspection, that was a first.

now please tell me if you can, what huge castle/palace? i saw as we approached london. it had a massive green courtyard in the middle, and had a circular garden next to it.



i looked at your trailer link - backwards riding horses! i don't know why the wheels are so small though.

i tried to do a search and find a pic of the trailer i saw in germany that i liked, but i have no idea what it was called so oh well.

i did want to show you my favorite american trailer:

this is the model i "copied" when i redid a three horse slant into a two horse with larger tack area. but i had the wall cut in half because i like to sit in my chair in the tack area and have lunch on a long trip, and be with the horses - not have a wall between us. i also like to have the light on in the trailer while driving (at night) and be able to look back and actually see the horses through the window, something not common in most trailer designs. so i'd take that new yorker trailet and rip out the wall entirely to make it perfect.

of course this trailer assumes you have a truck with a camper to sleep in - there is no gooseneck bed or living quarters to speak of. i never felt i needed a living quarters because i was so happy to have a canopy to sleep in and not a tent! the important thing is to have *friends* with LQ trailers so you can borrow their shower *lol*.

White Horse Pilgrim

Lytha: Traditional English food isn't great however luckily connections from the days of empire resulted in an infusion of different type of cuisine. The dull local food encourages people to be adventurous.

I know what it's like after years abroad suddenly to enter the English-speaking world again. It does take some getting used to. We have so many foreign workers that accents can become a barrier to quick communication.

Security of course is paranoid. We heard a while back that an actor was arrested and held for a day because security thought that "he looked suspicious". It emerged that he's played a terrorist in a film. Meanwhile someone was finally caught after smuggling firearms on planes numerous times to supply gangsters, so clearly all those gadgets don't work too well.

Presumably the palace that you saw to the west of London is Windsor Castle. It looks like a castle as one would imagine it. There are some large reservoirs around there too which are distinctive from the air.

I liked your trailer link. It does look like a decent product. However that would be too heavy for any regular pick-up over here. Plus one never sees goosenecks over here.

The one that I like is unique in Britain. In think that it has small wheels so that the floor is lower hence the ramp is as shallow as possible. There is a fashion for travelling horses facing backwards as its supposed to be better for them - less stressful and they can brace against their bottoms during braking.

I've always camped or slept in the trailer however in that respect I am quite unusual amongst riders over here. Usually the reason was having a basic trailer and not wanting to pay for accommodation. Some places I've camped with horses it's been a long way to the WC so I keep a bucket in the trailer for that purpose. It would be nice to move beyond that point!

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