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March 22, 2011


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mine was very similar - we have the same compass, the one i used in orienteering!

i have to say what you forgot though: a pencil and paper to write your last words on. cell phones never work out there so it's important to be able to say goodbye world somehow.

you're making me nostalgic too. *peer*

White Horse Pilgrim

It's a good type of compass. I didn't use it much though, having learnt the trails by riding with local people. I came to know the feel and grain of the land.

When finally I obtained a good map the bearings and directions seemed quite strange. It was rather like parts of Tolkien's Middle Earth - distances on the ground hadn't necessarily been measured and seemed different each time one took a trail. Some days a path seemed long, other days short. That mountain range was a place mysterious yet comprehensible.

Having worked so much there it would be nice to go back as a tourist able to take the time to look and explore.

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