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March 12, 2011


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yes a video would have been cool. i am amazed this went so well even in mud.

our car is gone for a week getting fixed after my husband hit and killed a deer last week. i wonder if the deer couldn't hear the car cuz it was on electric at the time. poor thing, at least my husband is OK, that's the important part. now we're driving that spanish diesel and i'd forgotten how much fun accelleration can be! everyone is asking us if we packed the deer into our freezer for eating and i said no the police turned it over to the forester. a lotta paperwork is involved with killing a deer with a car. the police, insurance, and forester all need records. deer are taken care of immediately in germany, whereas in america you come across them often on the roads, and you can see they've been there for days. i'm sure you noticed roadkill when you were there.


Very cool! It's such a cute little shelter too.

lytha - oh no! So glad your husband is ok - deer are *dangerous.*

White Horse Pilgrim

Lytha, I am glad that your husband is safe. Deer are bigger and heavier than many people imagine. It sounds like the forester's diet includes much venison.

I didn't see much roadkill in Pennsylvania however maybe people are quicker to take it there?

The shelter is just the right size for Brena. She can go in, turn around, lie down if she wishes. However I've not yet seen her lie down. I can see by the state of her that she has rolled though.

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