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June 19, 2011


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Just some thoughts and ideas which you can discard if they don't fit with you.... I've been thinking about your posts about needing an anima or female archetype and I've wondered if you have tried any sort of meditation? Miles has used his spirit journeys very successfully towards this end... think of it as a waking dream, allowing images to come naturally to you - which as a writer I know you have that intuition to draw upon.

You don't have to leave this entirely to your dreams to sort out but can give them a nudge. I've found dreaming in the morning is the best time to influence dreams. I don't pull them away from their general intent, but for example if I have dream where I am drowning, I can push the dream into a direction where I am swimming.

Another option would be to choose your own mentors from real or imagined people. One of mine is your Elizabeth the I.

While I commend you for looking to your dreams, you can also be more proactive. :)

White Horse Pilgrim

Becky: that is interesting and imaginative. I know what you mean by a waking dream, however I haven't made enough effort to steer these. Therefore they tend to spiral downward. I will try to direct them towards more positive outcomes. That may be quite a big lesson for me. Analysis is good, but action may be needed too.

I would like to find a good mentor. I haven't been successful amongst people living and accessible. Those who have passed away may be better, and perhaps I could choose our local King Alfred who weathered so many struggles and yet grew and drew up others around him. So you have given me a gentle push in a good direction - thank you.

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