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June 28, 2011


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we need help here with grazing - we have too much grass, if only someone would just let us borrow a companion to help out in two ways.

and now for the coolest thing i've seen all week:

White Horse Pilgrim

I'd be happy to help. Can I send Doru over for a long holiday? At least he can eat like a true professional guzzler.

Over here the farmers have been bleating on that 'there will be no hay' and that (as usual) the government should help them. Then the hay harvest starts and we are awash with the stuff. The fields on the farm where the barn is located are yielding a good crop. Trails are overgrown.

Where would we be without Tolkien? However in an hour I can be at the pub where Tolkien and C S Lewis used to drink, and sit enjoying a pint in the seats where they sat. Meanwhile IT and Mordor - really, they'd have had the technology but not been able to appreciate the subleties of the goings on of guerilla Hobbits and Rangers.


woo now that i've found a job i intend to join you in that bar. get this: 25 vacation days per year!!! that's a real shock for this american.

i want to see your rolling landscape myself. and maybe a castle/palace. definitely that university. and i want to eat fish and chips. yes, i'm dreaming of spending paychecks i have not seen yet!

White Horse Pilgrim

Well you'd better make your way across as soon as you're ready. All of the aspirations that you express can be fulfilled. It's really easy to get across by train via the tunnel. There is a sofa bed to sleep on here, and cats to share with of course. So, let me know when you are ready.

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