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July 02, 2011


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Boots are not ideal, but sometimes you need them. I got Renegades for Cassie and they're fine on her front feet, but I'm not too sure about her hind feet. I think because her hind feet are oval the fit is not as good and they twist a bit, so I'd worry about rubbing. Most of our rides are stony, so I felt she needed something, but today I rode her in just front boots over some rough terrain and she was fine. Hard to know what's best for her, sometimes. I do envy you the bridle paths you have access to!

Do you have a rasp? If I see any chipping I rasp it so all edges are smooth and can't get caught.

White Horse Pilgrim

Thank you for the advice, Sandra. As it happens Brena went so well barefoot later that I did another six hours or so riding over the weekend without boots. I did measure her feet though, and she has good dimensions for Old Mac's (to my surprise I admit). Her feet look a bit chopped and rough, however she is sound and, of course, still transitioning.

Fortunately I do have a rasp, nippers and a hoof knife from the old days when I ran a riding facility. I do use the rasp when necessary.

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