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August 14, 2011


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i truly cannot stand waiting this long to visit you and your area. but i must.

i thought of you today as i spent 2 hours trying to get home over hill and dale as roadblocks and construction detours tried to keep me at bay.

around one curve i found myself on the top of the landscape - i could see all the way to cologne and further, though i was "almost" home.

cars kept passing me cuz i was new at those roads. it was kind of horrible, and also breathtaking cuz i really do love bergisches land.

i drove past a steeple church and thought "oh good i rode my horse here, it cannot be far now" but i was mistaken.

i saw an entire field full of only fjord horses. amazing!

someday i'll be riding again. i'm thinking within a year. i hope.

White Horse Pilgrim

Lytha: maybe come over in the spring when the world awakens? You will love the places to see around here.

I've seen the landscape around Marburg and further south in Germany, plus the Harz, however I can imagine sweeping hills and viewpoints - and drivers racing to get home.

There is a field near here with Fjords. It's odd because there are many large rocks there too. In antiquity all the land here was covered in such debris from the last glaciation, and that one field for some reason was never cleared.

It will be good for you to be riding again. You need it!

Oh, and just to whet your appetite - next weekend is my birthday and I shall go to Oxford and have a drink at the bar where Tolkien and C S Lewis used to meet. The bar has changed little since then amd the room where they met has been preserved.

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