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September 07, 2011


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your reminiscings are like mine.

same time frame. 2000-2007.

same wilderness, except not the same.

except yours is something you don't completely, overwhelmingly long to return to.

i think?

White Horse Pilgrim

I'd like to go back to the mountains. I'd like to ride out with some of the same people. There are places I never did get to explore that I would like to visit.

But I don't long to return to a country with a broken economy where it is very difficult to make an honest living. Now would it be easy to live amongst people with a dark collective unconscious (not that where I live now does well on that score either).

I've moved on. A part of that is becoming more philosophical. It's about not holding a grudge or blaming others for behaving according to their culture. That place was a stepping stone for me, or a succession of them. Going back would be like taking a class again: pointless if one has not failed.

The challenge now is to see the way ahead. The trail is difficult and there is fog. You are fortunate if life seems mapped out and straightforward. I'm more like Frodo after three years back in the Shire. I've walked amidst sufficient darkness that I want to head to a place of light and beauty.

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