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September 02, 2011


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I wonder if you had a tub of loose salt for her if she would use it. It would have to be somewhere out of the weather. It would be interesting to see if she would use it as a free choice supplement. I've never heard of a horse not liking a salt lick.
Glad to hear that you are improving.


Silver lining, indeed :) Glad to hear you're doing so well.

I have to say that I absolutely love your horse. Everytime I see a picture of her... I ache more for my own. One day I'll ride again as well.


i'm glad you're recovering.

baasha won't lick salt either so i add a few tsps every evening to his mash.

i'm curious - do you guys feed bread to horses up there? i'm totally into it now, and my horse doesn't turn up his nose anymore at our old bread every week.

White Horse Pilgrim

Shirley: the trouble here is getting hold of enough loose salt. The feed merchant doesn't sell it anymore. I'll keep looking.

Wrexie: I'm sure that you will have a horse again soon. It will help, I am sure, that Mikey is nearby:) BTW, can you allow me access to your blog?

Lytha: I've never seen bread fed to horses in Britain. Owners are quite conservative with basic feeds here - they're freer thought with the the plethora of addditives available. Leftover household food tends to go to the dogs in our household. Have you ever fed potatoes as treats in place of apples?


I give Dixie a fat three-finger pinch of salt with her supplement every night. Sometimes she just scarfs up her pellets and leaves the salt, but sometimes she licks the bucket very clean. If she's licking, I just give her a bit more til she starts leaving it again. It's probably not as ideal as a pan of loose salt, but it can't get wet or knocked over by the goat.

I bought a 50 lb sack at Costco (big warehouse store that sells industrial quantities of normal food.) It's just normal table salt. I overthink a lot of things but I try not to stress about the salt. :)

White Horse Pilgrim

Funder: that's good advice, thank you. I'll keep an eye out for when she keeps on licking and when she leaves salt in the bowl. So far she seems just to lick until the bowl is spotless inside. In that case I ought to start adding some more.

It would be nice to find a big sack of salt here. I'll have to look beyond the usual food stores.

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