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February 26, 2012


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You've taken such beautiful pictures lately, J! Glad you're getting lots of saddle time on your excellent mare.

White Horse Pilgrim

Thank you. Pocket cameras really have got better. Image stabilisation is so handy on horseback. Then all I have to do is straighten and crop the images. I do enjoy your descriptions of rides too. We're lucky to each have a good skewbald mare!


Loved that wee story. I can sadly identify more with the woman on the tb than you these days... and boy do I miss having a solid horse out on the trail. Through all the ups and downs, I have to say this will be my last overly sensitive horse. Next purchase will be good solid Lipizzaner or Murgese...though since Dali is only 9, Im stuck with a crazy for a few more years yet :)

This summer we will hopefully sell Navarro though, as Paolo has no need for his own horse, and happy enough jumping on mine when (rarely) he feels the urge to ride... perhaps opening the door to a more suitable trail horse in the family.

Glad shes behaving after the spring, I copped a couple of those happy bucks two years back. Like you say, shes not nasty though - and you know all will end well. Thats why I stick with Dali, I know hes not dirty. I would rather a horse that does something predictably naughty than one that is good 99% of the time and truly awful 1% .

White Horse Pilgrim

If she'd have been younger (at least not older than me!) and I'd been single then I might have come away with her phone number as a prize!

But seriously a solid horse is such a good thing. You did sell me a good one. There's only been one buck lately, and now I know how to ride through them without mishap. I guess that if they don't have an effect, there's no point throwing one in!

I know what you mean about the horse that has that mean 1%. It's not good. I used to guide from a mare who, just once in a while, would do something horrible to her rider. Yes, it's good to have a solid trustworthy beast.

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