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March 26, 2012


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I love these last two entries. A lot of inner change happening and I find that is the hardest to express into words - only symbols or emotions seem to be the answer in expressing how we are feeling :)

Just got done talking to Miles about my work with Z today and it went very well. But I think anyone seeing us in the arena would have scratched their head and said to themselves... "I don't get it. What are they doing again? And Why??"

I'm glad that you and Brena had that relationship-changing canter (which I would like to hear more about what was different then your usual ride in terms of how she moved, etc...). It's those moments, suspended in some sort of perfect bubble, that are very, very special. It's a gift horses give those that are willing to open their hearts and listen.

Good for you, my friend.


You must be feeling good physically too! I had a great canter on Dixie at the lake the other day, and it reminded me that you really have to follow the horse, and you have to be flexible to follow her. So your back is feeling good?

Sex is the metaphor that stuck with me the most re: rising to the trot. You don't *stand up* in the stirrups or *bounce* in the saddle, you, mmmrh, rock your pelvis forward. I've gotten some funny looks for this revelation so I generally keep it to myself!

White Horse Pilgrim

I'll need to think some more in order to write about how my relationship with Brena is advancing. For now I'll say that successful cantering is about letting go of inhibitions and becoming one with the horse, of two becoming united. There is no goal in the sense of collection or extension, how far to go or where to stop. (Obviously one allows plenty of space in case it is needed.) I am no longer holding her back, not a restriction, but moving in harmony with her. There is no hesitation in beginning, no slight trepidation (as one can have with a horse that likes to throw in a little buck when she isn't comfortable.)

There are perfect moments when I feel as if I should ride out into a quiet sunny land akin to Tolkien's Shire. Where I ought to come across fellow travellers and a cozy inn. In my dreams.

I did find that the sex metaphor isn't well received at the barn. I doubt whether most riders would understand this. It is esoteric. To them it's weird and threatening. For me enjoying a canter or gallop is about release. I can see how trotting would have that pelvis-moving feeling too. There may be a gender difference here, both in terms of anatomy (i.e. relative comfort at the trot) and also in terms of what men and women seek. (As if one can stereotype. Plus I have a strong Anima so I should appreciate the female viewpoint. Perhaps this preference is more to do with where I am personally right now?)


I'm not surprised about the sex metaphor and be careful there... in a barn full of teenage girls, things can quickly be accused or get out of hand. It's just that type of world we live in.

Most of women I know heavily involved in horses have fractured personal relationship. Not married, never married, divorced, or husband who they are distanced from, husband who resents the horses etc...

Admitting you actually have sex and enjoy it!? OMG!!! Shocking!!

White Horse Pilgrim

Oh, don't worry, I wouldn't use that metaphor around the teenage girls. Only with adults around my own age or older. Admittedly I think that you are right - most have no relationships, have had problems or do have them.


And it becomes a female issue because my sex (irregardless of what television programs want you to believe) is supposed to be reserved about discussing things of That Nature.

Ridiculous IMO. But then again I don't get into religious discussions w/ people I don't know either! LOL!

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