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March 22, 2012


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Some things that help me in working out archetypes is to imagine if she was a person - what type of friend would she be? When would you go to her for help? And what type of help/support would she give? Does she have a sense of humor and mischevious, or is she a dedicated, serious worker?

I know you have a vibrant imagination :)

I can see that she is a steady helpmate. Because of her previous riding school experience I guess she tolerated a lot without exploding, so has wisdom there.

Do you have a post where you have a side view of Brena? And one of her face?

White Horse Pilgrim

As a person I think that she'd be a loyal friend, the sort who would take quite a lot before snapping back when she'd taken all that she could. She'd be forgiving. She would encourage me to go out into the open air and exercise. She would be a person that I could turn to when others would not listen. At the same time she'd have clear needs, such as being treated gently and with respect, therefore the demand would be made that I obey her rules few as they are. I think that she'd be the sort of friend one could go out and have a blast with sometime, when it suited both of us. Overall I think that she is fairly serious and a worker but likes to let her hair down. She is growing still as she gets to know me, and I am growing with her. She is straightforward rather than mischievous. As a woman she'd be a long term friend, potentially even a lover, and not the subject of a fling. We'd find ways to make one-another happy.

I'll look for side and head shots.

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