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March 28, 2012


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When I did the Nevada Day parade in October, I did not realize there was a mass hot air balloon launch right before the parade started. I briefly thought Dixie was going to kill us both, but I asked her to stop and look and she just stared and quivered for a few minutes, then decided they're not dangerous. Glad you also had a Good Horse moment with hot air balloons!


I'm loving reading this new partnership and feeling you have with Brena. Thumbs up!!

With my mare, Pepper, we were in the middle of a lesson when a hot air balloon came by. It was very low. You could see the flames as he was trying to get it to gain altitude. I kept waiting for her to notice and go WTF? but, as always, her attitude was "keep your focus on the work...we don't have time for that nonesense." haha

White Horse Pilgrim

Funder: for a moment when it was behind the trees I wondered what that roaring heralded. Well at least it wasn't a dragon. I was pleased that it took Brena only a few seconds to decide that all was well. She tends to ask "shall we run away?" rather than simply running.

Becky: having just seen photos in the news of a balloon wrapped around power lines, I'd have expected the pilots to be more wary of flying low. What a steady sensible mare Pepper is. Not many are made in that mould.

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