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April 13, 2012


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Glad you and D got out and about together. Cycling here is huge... one thing you can say about my town is they have put in a large amount of cycling trails that go around the entire city. It's problematic though when you come up on a two lane highway taking a hill and a blind curve and suddenly there is a cyclist in front of you. Very dangerous.

There is some contest around here (think in Texas) where you have alternate with your partner between bike and running. One partner runs while the other rides the bike and then you switch to cover the course.


There is a lot more cycling here than riding. All of the off-road rights of way open to riders are open to cyclists too. This seems to work out pretty well. For one thing there are a lot more people with an interest in well maintained rights of way. Over the last ten years or so more cycle tracks have been added to the town here as roads have been modernised and derelict land developed. The biggest danger probably is where cyclists and pedestrians have to share quite narrow paths in areas that haven't been developed.

I'd heard of tie-and-ride but not tie-and-cycle. It sounds like a good competition.

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