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April 22, 2012


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As usual your photos are beautiful and your descriptions of the landscape are so picturesque! The willows reminded me of a riding trip in County Clare, Ireland last summer where we saw a man weaving a fence from living willows. Maybe that's common in the British Isles, but not here in the US. We also rode through tangled woods that our guide called a leprechaun place, which appealed to me as did your reference to hobbits and elves. Some of the trees there were evergreens which provided a dense shade and required us to lie down on our horses' necks to pass under the branches.


Thank you for kind words, Joanne. Willow fencing has begun to make a comeback for conservation projects here. Perhaps there are parts of the US where willow fences and hurdles were made? I do like the idea of 'leprechaun places'. Tolkien would have approved. How lovely if one could run into elves once in a while - however it's rare enough to meet people down there. On the trail that I rode to take the photos there used to be places where one had to duck down however now the trees have been cut back enough to ride upright.


It's quite possible that there were or are places in the US where that type of willow work was or is done, but I haven't run into them so far. There's a glade behind my house in Kentucky that makes me think of elves.

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