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April 12, 2012


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It wouldn't fly in America, that's all I'm saying. We use powdered chalk for ground arrows, and I think some other groups get mad about THAT!

Laura Crum

Painted arrows on trees? That's awful. As Funder says, that wouldn't fly over here. I would be furious if any group painted arrows on our local trees/trails.


It happened two years in a row. The governing body of endurance riding over here was furious that anyone dared challenge them! Whilst the riders for the most part seem quite normal and considerate, the organisers have proven themselves arrogant and out of touch. I put this in part due to our archaic class system and in part due to the patronage of wealthy Arab nationals whose funding, whilst inflating egos at HQ level, hasn't trickled down to pay for proper organisation on the ground. It's a completely unnecessary problem. The event attracts hundreds of entries. Add another £10 to the entry fee and give the nearest Scout troop a decent donation to mark the trail with removable signs. Or pay a professional event organiser to do it.

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