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May 03, 2012


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WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That looks so good and all I'm seeing is the cover! You must be bursting out!


Thank you, Becky, I do feel good about this. A lot of work has been put into this book so any good results will have been earned. I hope that it does help other outfitters. That will be the best bit, when people say that the book has helped them.


Fantastic, well done! How wonderful it must be to see your book in print. As a sculptor, I always feel a sense of achievement when I put my polishing pads away, but above all, I feel relief that I got to the end. To finish something that started as an idea. Best of luck bringing it to market!

White Horse Pilgrim

Thank you, Sandra. Yes, relief that the work is done might just be the strongest emotion right now. There have been times when I've felt thoroughly alone on this project.


Congratulations! I'm sure that your book will be very useful to people who are undertaking a venture similar to yours.

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