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July 14, 2012


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ellie k

We were in Germnay last summer to visit our son and family and spent a couple of days touring Nurnberg with a Germany lady that knew the town like her own street. We did enjoy seeing so much and eating some very good food. Thanks for bringing some old memories to mind.


i looked up the city in wikipedia - what a history! thanks for sharing. i'll have to go there and check out the museums. we eat those nurnberg wursts about weekly for breakfast, they're my favorite, almost reminiscent of american breakfast sausage (but not quite). i think it's so appropriate that the trials were there, because the rallies were there.

White Horse Pilgrim

Ellie - good to hear from you. I did eat well too in Nurnberg. The dark beer was nice too.

Lytha - I think that you will find the museums fascinating. Do try and catch the Durer exhibition - it is superb. The German National Museum is impressive. Durer's house is atmospheric. The old town is easy to walk around and the trams and subway are convenient. I'd go back to Nurnberg at the first opportunity, as well as visiting a few other places too. One does stumble across fascinating places - Swabisch Gmund was one such discovery a few years ago. Munchen is supposed to have some good museums too. (Oh, and you still need to come and see some Tolkien sites over here!)

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