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October 12, 2012


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Laura Crum

Kelli's photographs are really lovely.They seem to reveal the magical side of her personality. Thanks for a very insightful post.

White Horse Pilgrim

I think that you have found the word that I was searching for, Laura, which is magical. There was something of the magical to Kelli: unexpected, rarely benign, serving something beyond me, and life changing. With her I was caught up in a strong current that carried me to a distant place before throwing me bedraggled on a strange bank wiser and glad to be alive.


Beautiful photos and a touching story. I remember the bottom photo from your web site when you were in Transylvania and it was always one of my favorites.

White Horse Pilgrim

Joanne, that particular photo was taken at Barsana monastery in the Maramures region, a beautiful place in one of the most rustic parts of Romania. I can look back on those days now with magnanimity. Back then I really didn't understand what was happening.

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