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December 24, 2012


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Hmmm all I can say is I'm glad you are moving. Now with only one horse you have different financial resources that might get her closer to home...?

White Horse Pilgrim

Yes, indeed, getting out of there will be good. I think that she will end up further away, though, as the hills (which, being chalk, are drier) are a few miles beyond. However then I'd be able top ride straight out without needing a trailer.

I have a sense that the current barn is going to fail as a business or, at best, garner a bad reputation owing to poor maintenance and complete lack of customer focus. I would not be surprised if there were to be a serious accident with the ground so slippery.

Laura Crum

Besides the conditions at your current barn, riding out without trailering is a real joy. Good wishes to you for much fun at the new stable...and a happy new year!


I totally feel your pain. I hate boarding, I hate moving, and I hate mud. Poor girl; at least you're getting her out of there.

White Horse Pilgrim

Now I've been accepted some good riding beckons.

For me boarding is most frustrating because, having operated an equestrian centre, I can see the things that are being done wrong. So many people get into running barns as a way to keep their horses for free. Others think that because (say) twenty people will pay five hundred dollars a month they will earn $120k a year. Whereas it's almost impossible to make much of a living unless one owns the land and has a good business head - so a lot of these dreams turn sour. The old barn was going wrong for want of a sound business plan, for lack of investment in the right things, and due to sheer laziness by the staff. It's on a downward spiral. The fields have been trashed so there will be little grass next summer, as a result the hay bill will go up. The situation is getting beyond saving.....but it's not mine to save.

So I am very glad to be moving.

White Horse Pilgrim

I suppose that the other side of boarding is that, if one has a single horse, it gets other equine company. I'd rather that Brena boards in a nice facility than stays on her own in a field behind my house.


wow that's some mud worthy of belonging to my home city. throwing hay onto mud when they could just walk over to the grassy spot - ohhhh how i hate boarding!!!! hates it forever! i am having a problem with mud right now. not around my barn (we have grid down) but on the little path the animals take to the pasture. i'd like to put down gravel but i've never done this and i'm not sure the best way. perhaps you know. do you have to wait til it's dry to lay it? do you need two types? i have some landscaping fabric - i wonder if that's necessary? if you have some answers for me can you please email me? eli_barnett at hotmail. i also hate mud... but i prefer green so i won't be moving to an arid climate ever.

White Horse Pilgrim

Totally unnecessary mud too in this case. It was annoying that the price was being hiked 'because hay is expensive'. In that case why throw it in the mud? It's not boarding that annoys me - I quite like Brena to have company and I like meeting the other owners - it's just the way certain barns are run.

I've mailed you about the path. It sounds like there is a solution.

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