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February 12, 2013


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Deb W

Good, I'm interested in what you have to say about the latest news. I hadn't heard about the ban on horse drawn vehicles in Romania. It makes me very sad. I would have loved to visit that part of the world someday, and see life in the old villages. But there's no point if it's the same as everywhere else. And of course the loss of so many horses is beyond sad, I'm glad you got 3 out of there.

White Horse Pilgrim

The bunch of crooks and former communists in charge of Romania wanted the country to look modern so they banned horses from motor roads, making impossible for many people to access their land. People like that don't care about suffering, human or animal. Nevertheless there are still rural areas beyond motor roads where a facsimile of the old life continues. These are well worth seeing. You could book a trip with Count Kalnoky who can be found easily via a Google search. He offers some of the best tourist services in Romania.

Deb W

I looked up the Count's guesthouses, and they are charming, rustic, and surrounded by beautiful country. Too bad the crooks are in power in that country. Your other post also makes me think twice. When I was looking to buy a house in the US, one of the homes I looked at had a neighbor with a sad looking dog chained in the back yard. I decided I couldn't live next to someone like that. I would have released the dog and I would have been the one put in jail.

White Horse Pilgrim

You'd enjoy a holiday with Kalnoky I'm sure. One thing about Romania, it's possible to visit a rural area for a week and simply not notice the problems. Living there the problems are clear enough, however tourists don't see them, or are kept away from the bad things. But also in the Hungarian areas where Kalnoky lives there is still a genuine rural society too. There are grounds for hope.

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