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July 08, 2013


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Julian Schmechel.

Crikey, 30 degrees C! More like Arizona than Oxfordshire. Mind you, the Cowgirls look well fitted out for such western temperatures. Would you know if they are going to write a book about their journey?



White Horse Pilgrim

It was hot! We were equipped for the heat, but the riding was still tiring. It's a surprise how much water one needs to drink in that kind of heat. I'm not sure about a book: I shall ask them. I hope that they do write a book.


Sounds like an interesting trip. If not a book, do the cowgirls have a blog of their journey? Love your pictures and commentary.

White Horse Pilgrim

It's The Facebook link from the blog is updated more often.


The reference to cowgirls reminded me of something that happened when I was on a riding holiday in Wales several years ago. I was wearing a hat not too unlike the one you are wearing in the picture above and the man who drove us to the bus station made a disapproving comment about me being from Texas. For some reason he was much relieved when I told him that I was not from Texas but most recently from Kentucky ("That's much better!" he said) though originally from New York State and it was an Australian hat bought at the County Show in Devon!

White Horse Pilgrim

That's odd. Maybe he was trying to be funny in a kind of way that didn't come across well? I doubt whether many people over here know much about Texas. Only that it's big, there are ranches and oil wells, Dallas was set there, stuff like that. I wonder why Kentucky is "Better"? Whiskey? (But Jack Daniel's is from Tennessee!) Music? (Ditto Nashville!) What a puzzle.

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