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October 20, 2013


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One of my local friends was telling me about the mysterious women's clothing in one of our parks - apparently when she used to ride there, she (and several others) would find clothing. Not like, a discarded running shirt, but one dress shoe. Then, a week later, a business casual skirt. Then next time, a blouse. I came up with a few crackpot theories but my favorite is that the Ex was symbolically ridding himself of her, by going out into the woods and flinging her leftover clothes away.

That doesn't really have a lot to do with your bum-baring hiker, except under the general category of "people do weird shit in the woods."

White Horse Pilgrim

The abandoned single shoes crop up on roadsides here too. I do wonder how they get there. Never pairs of course. Perhaps someone puts a left shoe in this town and a right shoe in that, just to make people like us invent bizarre hypotheses. The ex symbolically ridding himself of her discarded goods is a nice one, though fire is more satisfying. I did hear of a lady who ruined a barbecue by burning a photo album on it though.

A guest arrived at the old ranch in Transylvania without any shoes. But he'd got really drunk on the sleeping car train and thrown them at unfortunate passengers waiting on wayside stations. So another traveller told me.

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