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February 05, 2014


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Hahaha, yeah, yall are kinda uptight. ;) In Nevada, obviously, such things would be remarked upon but nobody would call the cops or anything ridiculous like that. The Bay Area, yeah, they'd probably call Animal Control for horse endangerment, but that's just the rural/urban dichotomy.

Horses are awesome. Go Olga!

White Horse Pilgrim

I was just today listening to a Neko Case song, with the lines:

There are a whole lot of people in my town
Minding my business but not minding their own...

That sounds like Britain.

That horse in shop incident happened in a dull little agricultural town up north too. It was probably the most interesting thing that's happened there in years. I guess one doesn't have to be Sigmund Freud to figure out some reasons why people are so uptight. Envy of others who are less repressed comes high up my list.

Anyway just imagine how uptight people would have been if she'd ridden in that shop without her helmet.


Olga! She was the best. I treasure my memories of the afternoon I rode her up a mountain (and back down again with a little too much tsuica on board, courtesy of some shepherds). Somehow I'm not surprised she took the disco in stride.

White Horse Pilgrim

That's curious, Ariella - it's good to hear from you by the way - I've been down the mountainside on Olga too after drinking a quantity of Tuica. She was quite steady under such circumstances. Some other horses would have taken the mickey! Come to think of it, we did once lose a guest on Olga. He was overhung and, when we rode out in the morning, he was at the back. (I should have had an assistant guide, but didn't.) At a junction of paths I turned right, so did all except Olga who quite deliberately turned left. We noticed after a few minutes. Olga was unusual amongst horses in that she would readily leave her companions. I miss her. As it happens, Brena is a bit like Olga in character, occasionally uncannily so.

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