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May 06, 2014


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Gorgeous! This morning it was stormy but the dogs and I managed to slip in an early walk between the big thunderclouds and dodge the rain. We saw an amazing rainbow to reward us for making the effort, and got back to the gate just before the heavy rain began. Not that we complain about rain here in dry old Western Australia!

White Horse Pilgrim

My sister lives in Perth so I do hear just how hot and dry it can be. It sounds like a challenge after cool damp Britain.


I was born here so I know nothing else. :) I must say it was hard when we came on a visit to the UK, we kept getting lost when driving, totally turned around at times, because we are so used to the sun always being up there to guide by. Grey skies with not even the glow of the sun behind them anywhere made us very disorientated! :)

I call myself a winter person but really it is not the sort of winter others might picture when I say it. Probly more like your summer. :)

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