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June 29, 2014


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Thanks for the reminder that WW1 started 100 years ago. One can only hope that everyone learned a lesson from all the wars in the 20th century, but sadly, I am sure they have not.

White Horse Pilgrim

I'm grateful that we haven't sleep-walked into a conflict over the Ukraine, through the European Union has appeared woefully naive at times. As for the Middle East, the West almost repeated the mistakes in made in the 1980s arming the Taliban's predecessors. So maybe our leaders aren't totally blind? Syria reminds me of the Spanish Civil War where, awkward as it might be to admit this, Franco might just have been a better victor than Soviet-sponsored Republicans. For Franco read Assad, for the USSR read Islamic extremists. As for Iraq, we'd better read medieval history, the situation looks worryingly similar to the wars of religious reformation that our distant ancestors experienced. Maybe enough lessons have been learned that our leaders haven't rushed in headlong?

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