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September 28, 2017


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What an interesting horse. I didn't know roans of that type greyed out. I like how she has the same sleepy+alert expression in both photos. I would like to wash her tail: )

Shirley Nicholas

Interesting colour change- her true colour is probably grey over a red roan base.


I like that characterisation, sleepy but alert, just like the mare I ride now. Laid back, but ready for action. It's fascinating how she has become a flea-bitten grey. And it's such a joy to see a horse that I nurtured still working a decade later.

Joanne Filkins

Wonderful that you got to see her again! I saw your message that you had started your blog again but have been very busy and am only now finding time to start catching up. I'm enjoying your interesting posts and great photos as always. For some reason the email links no longer work but I found you on the web.

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