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October 26, 2017


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I am sorry to hear about the problems due to "nice image over practicality" in hooves - especially on a draft horse (I have a Noriker too). Here, in Austria, fortunately, the farrier knows how to trim a barefoot horse - and I am glad that he is considering the practicality and functionality of the hoof. Small gravel are entering also here around the white line - reason why I am removing them carefully always after the ride; in addition, there is some antimicrobial clay that can be used -

As for the yard owner not allowing you to bring whatever farrier you think is best for your horse, I find this borderline to impertinence.

I hope the hoof boots are working out fine - I tried here more models, the Renegade were the most stable from all. What model/size are you using for Brena ? Are they not getting too much mud inside if she steps in very muddy tracks ? (or even getting lost in case of a gallop ?)


It's good to hear from you, Dragos. Farriers vary here, from those who are good with barefoot horses, to those who regard barefoot as a heresy. I pick out bits of gravel. The clay is a good idea, and I shall try it. A trimmer suggested that it works better with lighter horses, so I am interested that it works with a heavier horse too.

The yard owner has a very big ego, and is rooted in old fashioned practice that is more about appearance than functionality. Also I do not see this person riding more than occasionally.

I have been using Old Mac G2 boots. These are fairly good, however they can twist on the foot if a horse has a rotating action (perhaps due to imbalance) and we did once break a boot(due to over-reach at the gallop, I think). We don't have problems with mud inside, meaning that some mud does get in however it doesn't give problems. But also we ride fairly slowly in the mud because trails are slippery, so I wouldn't expect much of an issue with abrasion. I'm hoping to get back to front boots only as the hind feet carry less weight.

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