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August 11, 2018


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Shirley Nicholas

I like the colours!
I have a weathervane with that same style of horse. It's in pieces though- I would love to get it put back up on my barn.


It's lovely, and I enjoyed your description of your detailing the walls, and the walls themselves.

Longing for England again.

Since we met, I saw London, and loved it. The people are nice, just like Oxford. My Oxford Tshirts are wearing out, that's why I bought two of them, but I wear them all the time. I'd love to see it again before I die.

Do you still have cats?

Have you heard of Barry Hook? He seems like a good horse trainer to me, I'd like your opinion.


Shirley - the colours came out well, a little by chance as the horse just came as it was. It's easier to fix on a door than on a barn too! Good luck with your weather vane.

Lytha - I did have fun doing this work, and there will be more when the evenings are dark. I'm sure that you'll make it back to Oxford before you die, after all you aren't ancient:) I have the one cat now, who is sleeping between the keyboard and screen as I type. The other two made it to good ages before they passed away. I don't know of Barry Hook, however what I can see on the web looks good. I think that he is in the UK somewhere.

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