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April 20, 2019


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This is wonderful, I'm so happy for you. How can you call him a pony, he looks huge!

We did a large geocaching loop today with questions we had to answer along the way about horses. I got them all right without googling (and they're in German)! One of the questions was "What is the difference between a horse and a pony." I said, "148 cm, or 14.2 hands." (not so sure about my cm)

We saw many ueber-charming villages and gardens bursting with so many flowers, and horses of all sorts. I took photos and hope I can get around to blogging them.

All the best to you, J.


Thank you, Lytha. Maybe we will see you over here one day?

Carys is around 14.3 hands hence (strictly speaking) a small horse but also a pony breed (Welsh Cob). Practically she's the sort that isn't very tall but is strong in relation to her size, which makes for a very handy and economical mount. She's a good size for Rebecca in a country where many riders believe that they need a larger horse than actually necessary.

Spring is in full swing here too, with bluebells and other flowers appearing in great numbers. It's a good time of year. I shall post some pictures soon.

Shirley Nicholas

Congratulations to you and Rebecca!


Congratulations to you both, it will be fun to read of the new adventures!

Joanne Filkins

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, Julian and Rebecca! What wonderful news for you!

I rode cobs on riding holidays in Wales and Ireland and loved them! The one in Wales was called St. David and looked very much like Carys. One of the things I have enjoyed most on riding holidays is becoming acquainted with the local breeds. As a rider who started late and has no competitive ambitions, I always want a calm, sensible horse regardless of size.

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