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August 09, 2019


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Shirley Nicholas

I am looking at boots for my Gussie . A friend uses Cavallo boots, on everything from draft horses to minis and swears by them, but I have had friends who use them that say they don't fit according to the chart. My mare is 4 and 3/4 inches in both width and length. There is a facebook page for used hoof boots so I think I'll look on there and see what I can find. I have easyboot glove boots for her but, like you, I don't like where the bulbs of her heel sits, it's right where the is a seam. I think the Old Macs wouldn't work for her round foot.

Edna Leigh Bailey

good info thanks--and it's so great to see you're still around!! Love the trail ride pics!! and the stories--they are always above average!Best of luck with all the life changes!!


Shirley: I think that Old Macs might work for a foot that is round (as long as it is wide) however you might need to try a used pair. In my experience, if the hooves are suitably trimmed, these boots stay in place even at a flat out gallop. (Suitably trimmed includes flares removed and a slight bevel at the edges.) They also last a very long time. I do find that the gaiters are needed to prevent chaffing if using the boots for a lot of riding. Interestingly, the new pair that I bought recently don't need the fix to give more adjustment on the strap, so perhaps the design has changed subtly.

Edna: thank you for your kind wishes. I'm hoping to post more frequently. Longer hours of darkness may help me!

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